Rebuilding Earthquake-Damaged Schools in Nepal: A Continuing Effort

“Turning Challenges into Triumphs – 20 Schools Rebuilt After the Earthquake”

The Juniper Trust is thrilled to announce that, in November 2023, we achieved our goal of rebuilding 20 schools since the earthquake in 2015. This incredible journey has witnessed the reconstruction of 20 schools, overcoming a few delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have successfully raised an astonishing £350,000 to complete the schools, providing furniture and teacher/learning aids. This ensures that every student has the school uniforms and essential equipment they need to thrive. This journey has been nothing short of incredible, positively impacting the lives of over 2,000 children in remote villages of Nepal.

Rebuilding Uma Kundha School Nepal Juniper Trust Satkanya school
Our Story

In April 2015, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, followed by a 7.3 aftershock two weeks later, resulting in nearly 9,000 casualties. The Sindhupalchok District, near the epicenter, bore the brunt, with its steep, densely populated mountainside dwellings. Between Jiri and Lukla, over 740,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

The Juniper Trust swiftly responded, ahead of most international aid efforts, channelling funds and supplies directly to the affected people, especially focusing on the complete destruction of many schools, often the heart of these communities.

Despite challenges like remote locations, bureaucratic hurdles, new earthquake regulations, and unpredictable weather, the Trust helped with the reconstruction of 10 schools by the end of 2016. Word spread about their impactful work, leading to more villages seeking assistance. In 2017, the 11th school was rebuilt in Garjyang Village, and JT renovated a hostel for blind students in Kathmandu.


Children given help for a brighter future

£ 350,000

Raised from your individual donations

A promise fulfilled

to rebuild 20 schools in Nepal
  • 2016: Bala Kanya Primary School
  • 2016: Buddha Kinja Secondary School
  • 2016: Gorkha Primary School
  • 2016: Janessewa Primary School
  • 2016: Juving Primary School
  • 2016: Sagarmatha Primary School
  • 2016: Satkanya Primary School
  • 2016: Seti Devi Primary School
  • 2016: Uma Kunda Primary School
  • 2016: Yuwa Basa Primary School
  • 2017: Garjyang Primary School
  • 2017: Sanjiwani Hostel for Visually Impaired Students
  • 2018: Nimuna Primary School
  • 2018: Sarasthwati Primary School
  • 2018: Siruwa Primary School
  • 2019: Rawa Dolu Primary School
  • 2019: Vidhyadatri Primary School
  • 2021: Bampti Kindergarten
  • 2022: Maili Primary School
  • 2023: Shree Rajuana Devi Primary School
2023: Juniper Trust raises funds for its 20th school rebuilding project in Nepal

Despite the fading earthquake appeal headlines, the Juniper Trust persisted in fundraising, rebuilding three more primary schools by 2018, connected to the thriving Kinja School. In 2019, two community primary schools were reconstructed, and the foundation was laid for the 18th school, a kindergarten in Bamti Village, before the project was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. By 2021, with life slowly returning to normal, the Bampti Kindergarten was completed, and the 20-school rebuilding project got back on track. The 19th school in Maili village, situated at 2,800 meters, received assistance from the Juniper Trust in reconstructing three classroom blocks in 2022 with Adventure Aid Nepal volunteers. In 2023, the trust raised £20,000, completing its 20th school rebuilding project in remote Rajuana Beni, high above the Kinja Valley.

The completion of rebuilding 20 schools in the hardest-hit areas, along with providing uniforms, coats, shoes, bags, books, and pencils to over 2,000 children, community libraries, and teacher training, is a testament to the incredible impact of your support.

Thank you on behalf of the children of Nepal for your generous support.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This Changes Everything.

The 20 Schools:

2016:   Balakanya Primary ; Buddha Kinja Primary ; Juving Primary; Sagarmatha Primary ; Satkanya Primary ; Gorkha Primary ; Yuwa Basa Primary ; Seti Devi Primary ; Janasewa Primary ; Uma Kunda Primary

2017: Garjyang Primary ; Sanjiwani Hostel for visually impaired students

2018 Nimuna Primary ; Siruwa Primary ; Saraswathi Primary

2019 Rawa Dolu Primary ; Vidhyadartri  Primary

2021: Bampti Kindergarten

2022:  Maili Village Primary

2023: Shree Rajuana Beni Primary

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