Abhishek Pandey
Volunteer, Nepal Projects
Abhishek has been a driving force in Nepal since the earthquake of 2015, taking personal responsibility for overseeing the rebuilding of 15 out of 20 Juniper schools and managing the new Nepal Evergreen tree planting project.
ron 2
Ron Kenyon
Trustee & Treasurer
Ron, a retired chartered accountant, is an active climber, walker, runner, and skier who also serves as a town councillor. Despite his busy schedule, he still manages the Juniper Trust’s finances.
Glenn Rowley Juniper Trust
Glenn Rowley
Trustee & Director of Operations
For almost 30 years, Glenn has been a Trustee of the Juniper Trust and is dedicated to giving back to the communities he has visited during his extensive travels to the Himalayas over the past 40 years.
Geraldine DEPRIECK
Geraldine Deprieck
Website & Communication
Despite leading a busy life as a freelance graphic designer in Chamonix and occasionally traveling to Nepal and Bhutan, Geraldine always prioritizes her family and still manages to volunteer for both the Juniper Trust and her local community.
Supporting schools in Ishkoman Pakistan Juniper Trust (1)
Ayub Khan
Volunteer, Pakistan Projects
Ayub’s passion for the mountains of northern Pakistan is widely known, as he has worked as a trekking guide and volunteer for many years. He is known to visit even the most remote villages to provide assistance wherever needed.
Chris & Justin new
Justin & Chris Shiels
Nepal Quality Schools Project
After long careers in education, Justin and Chris recently retired to the UK’s Lake District. Looking to broaden their horizons, they have plans to travel to Nepal in Autumn 2023 to assist with teacher training at the Juniper Trust Schools.
durlav new
Durlav Roy Chowdhury
Documentary photographer
Durlav, a photographer known for his work with National Geographic and other magazines, has volunteered to use his skills to capture the stories of communities aided by The Juniper Trust.
Angela Locke
Founder in 1994
Angela Locke, a writer and poet, founded the Juniper Trust nearly 30 years ago after being handed a Juniper branch by a young girl on a trek in Nepal. Her inspiration to help the children of Nepal led to the establishment of the trust.
Hayley Rudd
Volunteer, Tanzania/Nicaragua Projects
Hayley is an avid volunteer who loves to travel and hike volcanoes. She spends her free time raising funds for and volunteering at the Karama Children’s Home in Tanzania, taking the kids on hikes when she’s not scaling a volcano.
Sir Chris Bonington
Chris, a renowned UK mountaineer and Everest summiteer, supports and serves as a patron of The Juniper Trust, aiming to give back to the country that played a significant role in his climbing career.
Aadarsha Shiwakoti
Aadarsha Shiwakoti
Volunteer, Nepal Projects
Aadarsha, a seasoned QA Automation Engineer with experience in US and Australian IT firms, dedicates his expertise to the Juniper Trust. Passionate about giving back to the community, he offers technical support and guidance, enriching the organization’s endeavors with his skills.
Laura Giles
Laura Giles
Carbon & Biodiversity Consultant
Laura, a lecturer at Lancaster University with expertise in biodiversity net gain, carbon sequestration, ecology, and tree works consultation services, has generously volunteered to oversee The Juniper Trust’s Nepal Evergreen Project.

... interested in helping out?

The Juniper Trust is always looking for like-minded volunteers to join our team. Our volunteers work remotely from locations across the world including the United Kingdom, France, Nepal, Pakistan and Tanzania. Your location is not a problem, it could be an advantage!