Since our early beginnings in 1994, The Juniper Trust has grown and supported many worthwhile projects across the world, but its basic vision remains the same as it was at the start: we are volunteers, working in a low-impact, sustainable way to support the poorest communities, particularly children, listening to community needs in the developing world. Thanks to your donations, and our volunteer ethos, our project spend has reached a remarkable £650,000, over 98% of donations received.

“We are deeply grateful for the unwavering commitment and dedication of our volunteer trustees and committee members, both old and new, who have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals despite limited resources. Your invaluable insights, guidance, and support have been a driving force behind our success.”
  • Nepal £457,769
  • India £45,070
  • Pakistan £49,078
  • Peru £33,851
  • Kenya £25,281
  • Tanzania £18,746
  • Tibet £10,232
  • Afghanistan £4,249
  • Morocco £2,500
  • Zimbabwe £1,519
  • Sri Lanka £1,000
  • Ecuador £723
  • TOTAL £650,018
Thank you