We wish to say thank you

We wish to say a huge thank you to the many people who have donated to the Juniper trust over the years. There are too many to mention and we apologize if you have been missed but please contact us and we would be delighted to add you . 

Himalayan Expeditions in Nepal (for supporting the Juniper Trust from the beginning and help rebuilding 15 schools in Nepal after the earthquake), Yalamber and Namgual @ Thamserku Trekking (for help rebuilding 5 schools in Nepal after the earthquake), Ayub Khan, Mohammed and Zafar Iqbal (help with schools in Pakistan), Clive Docherty & Alderley Edge School (Gitari School in Kenya), The KE Adventure Travel Team and Clients (previously known as Karakoram Experience) for supporting Juniper Trust from its early days, Cicerone Press (Rawa Dolu School in Nepal), Oryx Digital (Bampti Kindergarten in Nepal), Chewang Motub and Yangdu Goba from Rimo Expeditions India (for several projects in India), Val Pitkethly (for help with the solar panel projects in Peru and India),  Allibert Trekking in France (donations to projects), Dr K Pavey  (a long-time supporter), Keith Woodgate (Ichar School and Lingshed Hostel), Ilkley Rotary Club (Sanjiwani Hostel), Holsworthy Rotary Club (Gitare School), Cheryl Frost & Jersey College (Chobar School), Mrs D Wilson (Yuma Bursa School), Mr and Mrs Paul Killington (Uma Kunda School), Moira Eyes (Yuma Bursa School), Alan Oatway and friends (Simigaon, Juving & Janassewa schools), Wharfedale Rotary (Nepal Schools), Andrew Broughton (Jyamire School), Janet Lefton (Nepal Schools), Justin and Christine Shiels (Nepal Schools and volunteering), Dr J Desmond (Hushe Valley Teaching Project), Cotswold Outdoors (Nepal Projects), Bar ES and Lake Road Brunch in Keswick (continuing help and donations for Adventure Aid Nepal for Nepal Schools), Nicola Buchanan (several projects), William Boyes (several projects), Adventure Aid Nepal (Volunteers and Nepal Schools), Adventure Base Chamonix (Nepal Schools), Dimi, Mihnea and Nuluko (for help with building Garjyang School), Eton College (Thame Medical Centre) , John and Paula Davis (help with Sanjiwani Hostel for blind students), Geraldine @ Touch&Taste website and graphic design in Chamonix (for vision, inspiration and generosity over the years), Paul @ E-Ignition Keswick (for website help), Tim Bell Express CNC Engineering, Neville Howard, Michael Josh, Tara Gilsenan, Jane Tearle, David Holberton, John Gillbe, Clare Reed, John Eaton, Roger Aylard, Peter Finch, Steve Terry, Trevor Wilson, Clifford Smith, David Holberton, Maria Horsborogh, Victoria Ross, Deepa Sherchan, Erin Vallente Handsome Bar Kendal, Malcolm Johnson, Ann & David, Cumberland & Westmorland Herald, The Keswick Reminder, Radio Cumbria, Sally @ Derwent Frames

We are deeply grateful for the unwavering commitment and dedication of our volunteer trustees and committee members, both old and new, who have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals despite limited resources. Your invaluable insights, guidance, and support have been a driving force behind our success.


Thank you