2023: Work begins on 20th School in Nepal

The Juniper Trust is proud to announce that after 8 years, work has started at their 20th school rebuild project in the remote village of Ranjana Beni, adding three classrooms to the existing one, which is too small for all the children in the village. They plan to complete the project by November 2023. To complete this project, the Juniper Trust needs to raise £20,000 to rebuild the school, provide uniforms and essential equipment for the 100 children at the school.

If you would like to make a difference and help provide school uniforms, equipment, and library books for the 100 children at the Ranjana Beni school, you can join the Adventure Aid Nepal trip in 2023. This is an opportunity to volunteer and contribute to the completion of the school rebuild project, while also exploring the breathtaking landscapes of Nepal. Please visit the link for further details on how to get involved.