June 2024: PCs, Printers, and Internet Equipment to 5 Schools in Nepal 💻📒

In the wake of the devastating 2015 Nepalese Earthquake, The Juniper Trust has been dedicated to supporting remote and vulnerable mountain communities in the Sindhupalchok district. Following our teacher training visit in November 2023, the Juniper Trust’s Nepal Quality Schools initiative has made significant progress, responding to the needs of the schools we visited, thanks to your incredible generosity!

We have delivered computers, printers, and routers for internet connections to five schools. These new resources and access to the internet will significantly enhance the children’s learning experience, providing them with essential digital skills and access to a world of information, ensuring that children have the supplies they need to succeed.

It costs just $500 to provide two PCs, a printer, spare cartridges, a router, and cabling to set up an IT room for a school.