June 2024: Thank You From the Mountains of Northern Pakistan 💻📒

We’ve just supplied crucial resources to support four schools—Thingee, Asumbar, Shadri, and Askole. For Thingee Community School, we covered 2 teachers’ salaries, student and office furniture, an LED kit, a computer and table, uniforms, and stationery. For Asumbar and Shadri schools, we provided 3 teachers’ salaries, a computer, printer and cartridge, internet device and fee, uniforms, books, stationery, and a caretaker. In Askole School, we are also supporting part-time teachers’ salaries and a support program for the most deprived children, giving them uniforms and equipment so they can attend school.

These schools stand as beacons of hope and empowerment. With the Juniper Trust’s support, even small donations will go a long way to help these 4 schools. The benefits will extend far beyond their walls. Each child entering these schools carries the potential to ignite positive change in their lives and communities.

We are now looking to raise £10,000 to support these 4 schools going forward for another year to provide even more essential learning aids and equipment, with £2500 allocated to each school. Your support helps us continue empowering the Thingee, Asumbar, Shadri, and Askole communities.

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