June 2024: Nepal Evergreen – First Harvest from 3,000 Kiwi Trees 🥝

Local farmer Dable joined the army in 1996, following in the footsteps of his great-great-grandfather, who served as a major for 17 years until 2013. Returning to his ancestral home in Airmakhue, he found 3,700 acres of terraced farmland, owned by his family for 300 years. With support from Nepal Evergreen, Dable has planted kiwi, lemon, almond, apricot, and 5,000 tea saplings. His main focus has been on kiwi plants; to date, he has planted over 3,000, with red ones used for local wines and green ones sold in local markets and Kathmandu. This year marked the first harvest from the kiwi trees.