2023: Supporting Teachers Salaries in Askole

KE trek leader handing over teachers salaries
In the awe-inspiring Karakoram mountains and the picturesque Ishkoman Valley, which are home to some of the world’s most magnificent peaks, life can be challenging due to isolation. Villages like Askole, Hushe, and Asumbar confront this difficulty, where local schools strive to educate children despite adversities. Thanks to a generous donation from KE Adventure Travel, The Juniper Trust has been able to sustain its support by covering the salaries of two part-time female teachers at both Askole and Asumber Schools, a teacher and caretaker at Shadri School, and two full-time teachers at the soon-to-be-opened community school in Thingee village. Each teacher receives approximately £50 per month, and we have ensured their salaries until May 2024. In this photo, KE Trek leader Bart Jordans is seen during a trek to K2, presenting funds to Askole School on behalf of the Juniper Trust.