Relief t help Flood Victims £3,500

A promise

Why this project needed our help?

Exceptional flooding on Aug 7th, 2010, caused by heavy monsoon rains, destroyed 25 houses and damaged a further 100 in the village of Talis in Baltistan, leaving many people injured and homeless. There were several fatalities, including a teacher who was swept away whilst gathering wood near the river in the village of Khaphlu, lower down the valley. Turbulent rivers caused severe damage to livestock, crops, orchards and bridges.

Through our contacts in Baltistan, The Juniper Trust raised £3,500 for immediate short-term relief for the people of Talis. This money was used to buy clothes, food, medicine and badly needed temporary shelters,  which we were able to deliver to the village in a matter of days.  Once the waters had subsided, Talis Village made a relatively quick recovery from the flood damage  and life soon returned back to normal. Thank you to everyone who donated to make this possible.