April 2024: Shelters for the 2023 Nepal Earthquake Victims

2024: Shelters for the 2023 Nepal Earthquake Victims

April 2024: Earth Day Celebration with Hima Jomo, supporting Nepal Evergreen


April 2024: A huge thank you to Irem from “I Climb For You” Supporting Juniper Trust


April 2024: Almond Orchard Initiative: 250 Saplings Planted

Almond 34

February 2024: Nepal 2023 Earthquake Shelter Appeal for Shelters

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January 2024: Celebrating Abhishek Pandey’s Seven Years of Dedication


January 2024: Celebrating The Thingee Community School is now open

Ishkoman Thingee Village School 11

January 2024: Juniper Trust is Raising Funds to Support Schools in Nepal


2023: Nepal Teacher Training and Fun Days